North Carolina Copyright Attorney

Although copyright protection exists from the time the work is created in a fixed tangible form, a copyright application needs to be filed and then registered by the Copyright Office in order to enforce the copyright against others.  There are different forms of copyright protection available depending upon the nature of the work itself to be copyrighted.  Hess Patent Law Firm can help in selecting the appropriate forms of copyright protection to pursue and can represent you in seeking to register the copyright.  The different forms of copyright to pursue include:

cropped view of man holding wooden block with word 'copyright' on top of wooden bricks with icons isolated on whiteLiterary – nondramatic literary works, excluding periodicals or serial issues, but including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, textbooks, reference works, directories, catalogs, advertising copy, compilation of information, and computer programs.

Visual- pictorial, graphic or sculptural works, including 2-D and 3-D works of fine, graphic and applied art, photographs, prints and art reproductions, maps, globes, charts, technical drawings, diagrams, models.

Single Serials – work issued or intended to be issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely.

Performing Arts – musical works and any accompanying words, dramatic works and any accompanying music; pantomimes and choreographic works, and motion pictures and other audiovisual works.

Sound Recording – works that result from the fixation of a series of musical, spoken, or other sounds, except for audio portions of audiovisual works such as a motion picture soundtrack or an audio cassette accompanying a filmstrip.

Vessel Design – protection for original designs of vessel hulls

Mask Work – 3-dimensional patterns fixed on a semiconductor chip